For professionals in the food industry sector, SMAG has a web and mobile software to optimize all the production stages and the supply monitoring.

AGREO agribusiness, a modular food industry software

that fits with your business specificities and covers the entire agricultural production chain.

From plot to the factory, your activity requires precise technical management of the agricultural production.

In compliance with the regulations, you ensure the complete traceability and management of the production specifications.

To ensure the production quality, the monitoring and the management of your supplies, the agreo food industry software integrates perfectly with your existing information system.


Your client expectations, regulations and the production seasonality encourages you to accurately manage and regularly monitor your crops. The entire production chain depends on your expectations.


Creating wealth, you centralize, consolidate and evaluate the agricultural information to increase your productivity and thus ensure the control of your production process.


You prefer integrating your technical data in a centralized information system to improve the responsiveness and productivity to face up the climate hazards and the market changes.


Forecasts of planting / seeding until the payment of the contributions, you want to accompany your producers by providing centralized information available easily and quickly.

Technico-economic monitoring

Closer to your farmers, you assist them in the technical management of their productions and the economic monitoring of their operations to ensure them the maximum level of compensation.


From contractualisation until acceptance, you prefer tools that simplify the data acquisition in the field or in the laboratory to enhance your quality approach.


Through configurable modules built into your information system, agreo agribusiness is a food processing software that provides an instantaneous vision of your business for a permanent control of your profitability.
  • Secure and centralize your expertise on all your upstream business processes.
  • Ensure the traceability and quality of your supplies for a controlled production.
  • Advance your information transfer procedures to speed up the dissemination.
  • Have instant and useful information through consolidated reports and relevant dashboards necessary for decision-making.
  • Perpetuate your information system by choosing a configurable application according to the needs of your industry.

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Establishment of plots and contracting

Audit of the producers
Management of crop references
Card edition, integration of a map database
Contract management with the producers

Technical tracking of the plot

Entering the crop management by producers or technicians
Technical monitoring on the field, traceability of observations and advice
Planning sowing / planting, crop announcement
Data consultation and transfer in real time

Receipt, Acceptance

Identification of received batches
Setting the acceptance grids 
Automatic delivery of input tickets to the farmers


Setting the invoicing rules
Automatic generation of the pre-invoice by contract
Editing and exporting data to your accounting tools

agreo Production Management, agroalimentaire software by SMAG

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For an optimal answer to your needs, agreo agribusiness is complementary to other agricultural production management software from the agreo range

Agreo Technician Tools

Professionalize and secure the agricultural services of your council technicians to develop and certify the services in the regulatory, technical, economic and environmental fields.

Agreo Farmer

Enhance and retain your relationships with your producers (farmers / breeders) by providing them with a real management tool for their farms for a precise technical and economic steering of their production facilities (animal milk and meat / vegetable).

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