10 Oct 2016
SMAG expands its activities in the field of seed management software through the takeover of EUROSEMENCES, which develops management solutions for professionals of this sector
2 Jun 2016
On June 2, 2016 - Experimental Farm AGRINOVEX in Milly-la-Forêt (91)
29 Apr 2016
Stéphane MARCEL presented Big Data during the 28th "Cereals Day" organized by HAROPA
  • Administratively, Agreo allowed us to gain in performance: online and real-time consultation of the traceability, historical consultation, entry of the fermentation stages on pocket-PC …
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    Long-term and upgradeable software, Agreo also improved communication within the company between the different stakeholders in the vine and wine business. The successful integration of Agreo in the Listel Information System allows for exchanges with other tools. 
    Frédéric COMMERCON - Information Systems Manager DOMAINES LISTEL
  • Agreo Seeds allows an accurate management of our primary business that is production in the field, ranging from the establishment of contracts to plot management by mapping. 
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    The SMAG choice is a purely functional choice. We believe that this is the best existing ERP to plan and oversee our business in compliance with the regulations.
    Philippe HAMELIN - Director of SEMENCES DE FRANCE
  • The AGREO project is an important piece in our IT system architecture. Since the first year, we recorded gains in terms of standardization of practices and performance monitoring indicators.
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    Morocco's Farmhouses have a long term partnership with SMAG.  We have made progress with the entire technical and sales team.  The solution is stable, flexible and meets our needs.  We are very satisfied with the work carried out together.
    Hammadi ABDELALI - Head of the IT & Information Systems Department LES DOMAINES AGRICOLES